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Avetyan Anatoli 
Languages: Armenian, russian, english
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   1952-Was born on September 5th, in Siberia in the family of deportees. 1967-Moved to Armenia with family. 1969-Entered the Art College after the name of P.Terlemezyan in Yerevan. 1972-Entered the Academy of Arts in Tbilisi. 1976-Graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts institute. 1980-Took part in the “Art of Armenia” exhibition organized in Iceland. 1983-One-man exhibition at the House of Journalists of Armenia in Yerevan. Took part on the days of Armenia culture organized in Holland as a member of Armenian delegation. 1984-Took part on the “Armenian Applied Art” exhibition organized in Peterburgh and Moskow. 1988-Joined Artists Union of the USSR. 1989-Took part on the “Armenian Decorative Applied Art” exhibition organized in Switzerland. 1992-One-man exhibition at the House of Painters of Armenia in Yerevan. One-man exhibition in Paris at the “Montparnase Gallery”. 1993-One-man exhibition at the city administration of Paris by invitation of Mr. Jacques Toubon – the Minister of Culture of France. 1994-One man exhibition in Aleppo (Syria). One-man exhibition at the “Watergate Gallery” in Washington D.C. One-man charitable exhibition in Los-Angeles (U.S.A) 1997-One-man exhibition in Chicago and Atlanta (U.S.A). 1998-One-man exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Armenia, Yerevan. 2001-One-man exhibition in Knock-Zoud “Pantheon Gallery”(Belgium). Exhibition at the Central House of Painters in Moscow. 2002-One-man jubilee exhibition at the House of Painters of Armenia in Yerevan. Avetyans works are kept in the National Art Gallery of Armenia, The Ethnography Museum of Armenia, Ministry of Culture, Arts Fund of Armenia, Arts Fund of Moscow, “ALMA” Museum of Boston, City administration of Paris, Parajanov House-Museum (Yerevan), Presidents residence of Armenia. Avetyans works are also kept by the presidents of Russia, France, and U.S.A. Residence of the Catholicos of all Armenians in Holly Echmiadzin, in Vatican at the Popes residence.

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